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Bendera Dan Jata Negeri Di Malaysia

Background The National Flag & Coat of Arms of Malaysia

Malaysia flag flag
Malaysian national flag consisted of 14 red and white stripes (horizontal) of equal width starting with red stripes at the top and ends with a white stripe on the bottom, the same token membership in the federation of 13 states - Orissa, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Johor, Perak, Terengganu, Perlis, Selangor, Malacca, Sarawak, Penang, Sabah, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan.
The colored dark blue on the left side leading down to the fifth red stripe means unity among Malaysians. Blue portion contains Islamic crescent sign - the official religion of Malaysia. The 14 pointed star sign of unity of the 13 states and the Federal Government. Yellow color on the sighting of the moon and the stars are the colors of His Royal Majesty-Rulers.

Coat of Arms of Malaysia

Pointed star emblem of Malaysia shows 14 marks the 13 states contained in the Federation of Malaysia, and the Federal Government, while the star along the moon is a sign of Islam - religion of Malaysia. Kris blade was five Malay states sign the No Associate ago (Johor, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu). Division shield marks left Penang and the right side of the Malacca tree Malacca. Both states are part of the Straits Settlements ago. In four strips of equal magnitude in the middle of the colors black and white are the colors of Pahang, Selangor red and yellow colors, black, white and yellow colors of the state of Perak, red, black and yellow colors of. these four states is Malay states of origin. Part three in the bottom of the mark to the left of Sabah and Sarawak on the right. At its heart is the Bunya Raya - National Flower. The tigers are presented as a passenger arms Federated Malay States before being used in Malaysia Emblem, Motto - Improved Quality Associate - written with the Latin alphabet to the left and to the right of the Jawi script. The yellow color of the clouds is the Royal color-dust for His Majesty the King of Kings. Given that Malaysia is a sovereign nation, the flag is flown only in certain time periods and only for instilling the patriotic spirit so that Malaysians feel pride and honor their flag.

Background The Federal Territory flag

Labuan Federal Territory FLAG
This flag consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width red, white and blue in fourteen months pointed star is located in the middle of a yellow flag. Streaks of red, white, blue and yellow star moon symbolizes the Malaysian flag color meanings of the island is becoming the Federal Territory in the Federation of Malaysia. Moon Star mean Islam as the official religion and star bursts depicts fourteen states and the Federal Government are united in the Federation of Malaysia.
  • Red : Represents courage is the mean of the island became a Federal Territory in the Federation of Malaysia.
  • White : Symbolizes purity, sincerity and dedication to improving people katahanan civilized, cultured and personalized Malaysia.
  • Blue : Represents the unity of people of different races, live united, peaceful and prosperous respect the effort to improve economic development in science and technology.
  • Yellow : Represents the monarchy and uphold sovereignty and respect for constitutional principles and philosophy of the Rukun Negara.
  • Star Moon : Moon yellow star became a symbol of sovereignty of Islamic and constitutional monarchy, located in the middle of and accounting for the three bands (red, white, blue) showing the stability and strength in uniting the emblems of valor, purity and unity.

New flag for the Federal Territory of Putrajaya is based on two (2) primary colors of blue and blue kuning.Warna symbolize harmony and unity of the Malaysian people bangsa.Manakala yellow flag is the color of His Royal Majesty-Malay Rulers. Federal logo symbolizes the Federal Territory of Putrajaya as the backbone of a new administration with strong strength and spirit in the face of globalization and the objective of making Malaysia a developed nation.

This flag is based on the national flag of red and white striped. Co-star sapphire and yellow crescent. These elements can not be separated as Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and the Federal Territory. 14 red and white stripes (horizontal) denotes the membership of the 13 states in Malaysia and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. The crescent moon and star symbolize Islam as the official religion. 14-pointed stars represent the 13 states of Malaysia and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, which serves as the administrative center and the Government.
  • Dark blue color in the center symbolizes the unity of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur city dwellers of all races.
  • The red color symbolizes bravery, a city in the face of challenges to the development of a dynamic and cosmopolitan city berprogresif.
  • The color yellow symbolizes sovereignty and prosperity of Kuala Lumpur.
  • White symbolizes dignity, cleanliness and beauty of the garden city glows

Background The Flag and Emblem of the States of Malaysia

State flag in a square grid over the KADA 1: 2. This flag pole in half width flag and open width 2/3 flags. This box blue snow as a backdrop to form colored sapphire Mount Kinabalu standing fourth from the top and bottom border border pole. The other part of this flag consists of three horizontal bands of color where the bottom band meet foot flag. Top stripe blue zircon, white center stripe and red stripe down chili. zircon blue color symbolizes peace and tranquility, white symbolizes purity and justice, while red chili symbolizes courage and confidence. The blue color symbolizes the unity and prosperity of snow while color sapphire symbolizes strength and teamwork. Five kinds of colors that symbolize the five State's Division of Administration and shapes symbolizing Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.

State emblem consists of two parts, in the form of the two yellow arm lifted the flag State is situated on an arrangement of five State colors of blue zircon, red chillies, garlic, snow and azure blue. Underneath the main body in the form of a sign as a shield.The top of the shield is composed of three State colors of blue zircon, white and red chillies in V. This shields the bottom of Mount Kinabalu are form the backdrop of azure colored blue snow. Shield dipangku by a red scroll inscribed with the state motto "Sabah Maju Jaya" white. towering two arms of the State flag symbolizes unity and cooperation among the various races in the country towards progress and success. Lima color structured means that five State Administration Division. Zircon blue color symbolizes peace and order, the color white symbolizes purity and justice. Red chili symbolizes the courage and confidence. Snow blue symbolizes the unity and prosperity while the sapphire symbolizes strength and teamwork. Designs symbolize Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.

The red color symbolizes courage, determination and sacrifice of the people in their continued efforts to pursue and defend its honor and dignity and progress in the process of building the state of Sarawak as an example. describe greatness Yellow Legislation and Regulations (Order), unity and stability in a multi-ethnic society . black color symbolizes the rich natural resources of Sarawak such as crude oil, timber and so that was the foundation for the development of its people. Bintang yellow nose nine symbolizes the nine divisions in which people live in harmony. symbol star is also a high ambition of our citizens and we fight the desire to raise the quality of life after independence.


Impressive menjunjungkan state emblem "Land of the Hornbills: flying high with the aspirations and achievements in all fields of the initiative, according ideological" politics of development ". Badge state of Sarawak can also distinguish excellence from other states in the world .

Meaning white background Sultan. It encompasses land hitamyang mean people - by the means Sultan is to give protection to the people of the king. Crescent and star signs Islam, the state religion.

Moon star show Islamic state. In the reign of King crown mark. Sword, Kris Long and Mace are the State Regalia. While on the right is the Quran represents the Law. Legal books on the left hand symbolizes justice. Guardian / scarf symbolizing Ceremonial Tools Awards.

Yangberwarna four parts yellow and red flesh and blood meaning of the elements necessary to give life and energy to the state. Moon star was for Islam, the official religion of the state and the sanctity of Islam are shown in white.

Crescent and star signs Islam, the state religion. Red spear in the middle is the Sambu-color. On the right is Kris Short and Long Keris Left hand. All three are State Regalia.Jawi script that reads "God Kept" is the state motto. Under the motto also is Bengkong rope belt worn as iakt by ancient warriors.

Light blue color means the color of the sea around the island. White color means the state of Penang in peace and security. Yellow color sign of prosperity. Ialh tree nut tree from where the island got its name.

Nut tree is a sign of the island's original name. The yellow box contains a picture of Penang Bridge, which has two (2) columns and four (4) pillars upholding the cable. Two (2) This column represents a two-pronged in the New Economic Policy of eradicating poverty and restructuring society. Four (4) cables represent the four (4) types of seed in this state, the Malay, Chinese, Indian and others. streaks of blue and white, the symbol of the ocean would be five (5) of each color that gives meaning Rukunegara five symbols and five administrative districts in Andhra Pradesh.

HRH The Prince of yellow color means. Blue color mean people. The flag means close cooperation between the King and the People him.


The rice Lengkaran mean major job and major state revenue rice. Shield sign state pride because the yield wealth .

Yellow soil that means HRH The Prince. Part of the red triangle mean people. Meanwhile the black triangle mean Mayor-grandfather Bill for subtractive-shed which parts of the state.

Nine rice stalks in the shield means nine states in the old Free State Coalition. The red color in the shield shows the relations in the past with the British. Black color means Mayor-grandfather Act. The yellow color means Yang Di Pertuan Besar. Nine Star Break is also showing nine states in the old combination. Sword and shield sarungannya on the sign of justice. In the middle of the sword and the sheath is "Changgai Princess" sign Majesty Yang Di Pertuan Besar.

The colors red, white, yellow and blue are the colors Federal flag and show that Malacca is a state in the Federation, while the moon and stars were in turn is a sign of Islam, the state religion and Malaysia.


Red, white, yellow and blue means a state of Malacca in Malaysia. Five kris blade means five storied warriors of old Malacca. Crescent and five-pointed stars mark Islam, the official religion of the state. Malacca tree was the tree from which the state derives its name. Two tail Pelandok holding a shield is to commemorate the pelandoklah old history that has caused the first king of Malacca decided to settle in this country and open it.


Red background means honesty population, the people of the King. White insignia that mark these king of purity .

Sovereignty mark Sultan's crown. Two spears and two keris mean strength of the Malays of Kelantan. Moon and star is a sign of Islam. Two cannons means that the state is always ready to defend itself. Two-tailed deer remind back to old state history when Che 'Wan Expand (or Che' Siti) Queen Manitoba (about at the end of the 14th century) that because too love to pet deer, had ordered the gold stamped with the image of the beast that.
"Surrender to God Kelantan government" is the motto of the state.

Pahang state flag consists of two colors: white on top and black underneath. Both are the same width. Black is the color that symbolizes the greatness Treasurer was once the rule in the state is a class Treasurer. White is symbolic of the King. Additional white on this black means that the state is the state of Gujarat has its own sovereignty and the rule of Monarchy. This also means that the state has no privileges, laws, mores, customs, ethics and specific powers available to the monarchy and the king as sovereign states.


Coffee leaf-shaped emblem eyes are all made of gold including metal selected penongkok and taran.Tujuan gold was in 1862 signifies that gold is the main result in the State masyur Pahang.Keduanya no tank that can withstand emas.Gading weapon made from a cross under the coffee leaf signifies that when the ivory elephant found in abundance throughout the state of Pahang until it becomes a trade besar.Kalimah "Yes La tif" means a weak government lembut.Simboliknya not use force. "Yes La tif" is also used as charms useful.


Perak state flag consists of three colors white striped, yellow and black. All three are equally lebarnya.Warna white stripes symbolize the greatness of His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak Darul Ridzuan.Warna yellow symbolizes the greatness of His Royal Highness Crown Prince of Perak Darul black Ridzuan.Warna greatness His Royal Highness The Lower Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Perak State Emblem consists Arms Down His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak. This coat of arms with a crescent bounded bearing flowers symbolize sovereignty padi.Jata Pemerintah.Bulan Crescent signifies Islam as the religion of rice rasmi.Bunga enterprise resource describes the people and the state of fertility .


State flag featuring a green crescent moon under a shield surrounded by a bouquet of yellow and yellow rice on a red background. Red is the traditional color of the state and also symbolize luxury, while the crescent moon is the symbol of Islam. The shield symbolizes the Sultan of the state as the protector and guardian of the people


Lengkaran the meaning paddy, the main crop of the state. Islamic crescent religious sign. Shield also sign kekuasaa n.


Crescent and white star that signifies the sovereign King. Red part means warrior who defended the country. Parts of it were dark blue means the State Government .

HRH Crown King Star sign at the corner of White Shield marks the original Four Colonies large states, namely Johor Bahru, Muar, Batu Pahat and Endau; while Star and Moon in the middle, the sign of Islam. Two tigers that hold the shield reminiscent of the wild animals that were once wandering in the state. Floral paintings at the bottom of the shield means Gambier and Pepper, two kinds of original key revenue for the state.

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